Uniforme Prestige une histoire de famille Uniforme Prestige une histoire de famille

Prestige Uniform: a family story

It all started in 1989. It’s a simple story: rubbing shoulders with hostesses at trade fairs, I felt sorry to see how their uniforms lacked modernity and creativity, without even reflecting the image of their company. One day I fell in admiration for the clean, uncluttered and crazy looking sketches drawn by my niece Isabelle, who had just graduated from a major fashion school. And that’s when I clicked: why not ask her to design uniforms and professional clothing that I would offer to companies?

I was about to have my third child and we innocently thought we were working part-time… So the agency and our youngest child were born almost on the same day. Since then, both of them have come a long way. Uniforme Prestige keeps intact its enthusiasm for its clients’ projects and Louis-Marie expresses its vocation as a doctor with passion. And cherry on the cake: for many years now, Frédéric, our eldest son, has joined the company which he now co-directs. Our adventure has continued with the creation of a school department in 2012, Up School. As soon as he entered kindergarten, my grandson proudly wore one of our uniforms.

Agence Uniforme Prestige Agence Uniforme Prestige Agence Uniforme Prestige Agence Uniforme Prestige

Our uniform design agency

Our uniform design agency is located in Paris. We will be happy to welcome you there and introduce you to our team. They are passionate about fashion, captivated by the discovery of your world and enthusiastic about contributing to the well-being of your employees by making them proud to wear professional clothing that enhances the company’s image.
To carry out your project, we have developed three areas of expertise:

Creation with our integrated style office
In-house production of patterns and prototypes, then the organisation of production (mainly in Europe) and its quality control.
The implementation of logistics solutions for individualized order taking with named deliveries all over the world

Cintre Uniforme Prestige Code éthique Uniforme Prestige

Our ethics

Respect for employees
Honesty, fairness and transparency
Sincerity and reliability
Loyalty to the company
Spirit of solidarity
Permanent concern for quality and sustainable development

We select suppliers who meet the criteria of fair trade and are committed to :

• ensure fair remuneration for their work to producers and workers in the manufacturing workshops, as well as to all the stakeholders in their economic chain. This allows everyone to cover their basic needs for food, housing, health and education,
• guarantee respect for the fundamental rights of individuals, in particular by refusing the exploitation of children, forced labour and slavery,
• establish lasting relationships with their economic partners,
• to promote the preservation of the environment,
• to offer quality uniforms for the benefit of the consumer

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A responsible approach

Uniforme Prestige generally offers fabrics with a high proportion of natural materials: mainly wool, viscose, cotton… Our suppliers are OEKO-TEX certified. This label guarantees you the acquisition of a professional garment without risk to your health.

Our main partners are located in France, Portugal and Spain. This limits CO2 emissions linked to transport. We associate ourselves with the missions of the Fondation Corot and the Fondation des Orphelins d’Auteuil by regularly offering them many clothes and uniforms from our creation.

Uniform Recycling

UNIFORME PRESTIGE partners with TISSECO SOLIDARY to give a second life to your old professional uniforms. This association centralizes the distinct competences of multiple actors around its two vocations :
• social reintegration through work
• textile recycling

Thanks to recycling, the association creates solidarity jobs for men and women in precarious situations. Uniforms without logo are sorted internally before being sent to the different recycling channels. Uniforms with logos are either recycled (rags, fraying) if they are made of cotton or wool, or destroyed if they are made of synthetic material or if they are accessories.